Around Casco Viejo Gallery

Casco Antigua, Casco Viejo … it’s an interesting place, not least because it has more than one name. It is the formerly chic quarter, Panama City’s “old town,” that fell to ruins after the new downtown began to be built and the old city walls were taken down (only a small remnant remains). One of the interesting things, as you’ll see, is the way old, often seemingly abandoned buildings, some with squatters included, sit side-by-side with newly renovated, chic hotels and restaurants. It is a neighborhood in transition and the contrasts are stark. It is also full of historic buildings, churches and museums.


2 thoughts on “Around Casco Viejo Gallery

  1. I am not in any order responding just want to say the whole trip is amazing and I look forward to all of your updates. Also, I need to read all your posts more carefully as I haven’t read what happened to Jenni’s left leg. Jenni and Corey- You make a good team:)


    1. Barb, thanks for taking the time and for your kind words. Jenni can explain someday in (excruciating) detail how she slipped on the stairs leaving work on the Thursday night before our departure on Sunday, and broke her ankle bone. Luckily it wasn’t a weight bearing bone and her doc made sure she had the “air boot” — not the one by Michael Jordan, mind your. Between her ankle and my knee, we started our journey of a thousand (or 26,000+/-) miles with a single step out the hospital doors.


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