November Fifth, Amazon, Peru (by Audrey)

Today was one of the hardest travel days we have had so far. Our flight left from Guayaquil at 5:50 in the morning, which meant being at the airport at 4:00. Our hotel gave us a wake up call at 3:00 and we left in a taxi at 3:45. We were at the airport at about 4:00 and got checked in very quickly. It was a good thing too because our flight boarded at 4:50, an hour before the flight left. We got a quick Cinnabon breakfast and headed to the gate. We headed to what we thought was going to be the plane and ended up getting on a bus instead. We drove for a few minutes and then were dropped off at our plane. We had a two hour flight to Lima, Peru. We were told on the plane that our bags would go to Lima where we would pick them up and re-check them for our connecting flight. When we got there our bags could not be found and we were told that they went to Iquitos directly. Dad went to check with an official and as we were leaving our bags came out onto the conveyor belt.

Next we headed to the Amazonian Region of Peru in Iquitos. After disembarking and making it all the way to baggage claim I realized that I left my pillow on the plane. I was very worried and upset that it would not be found. But it was and it is still with me. Next we met our guide Dustin and the other guides for other families. We took a short bus ride and listened to a presentation by a guide named Christian. Then we stretched out and waited for the boat to be ready (yes, after almost 8 hours of travel we had a boat ride). We hoped it would be comfortable (did I mention that it was a 4 hour boat ride?). Then we rode up the Amazon river to our lodge which was located on the Tahuayo river.


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