Swimming in Secret Lake (by Audrey)

Scrape!   Bang!   Crash!

The boat headed right into some bushes, the thorny type. The thorns grabbed on to the boat and scraped along. Shrieky, high pitched, just like all the sounds I can’t handle. I covered my ears just as we got through the bushes. I didn’t have time to recover before we banged right into a tree. “Back up!” Dustin yelled, “Back up!” Then crash. The propeller hit the bottom. We were too shallow. We turned off the motor and paddled the rest of the way.

Finally we broke out onto the lake. Crystal clear water five meters deep. Hot on the surface and warm for about two feet down. After that the water was cool. The lake was surrounded by jungle and bird-calls echoed in every direction. The sky was clear, a perfect robin’s egg blue. The sun was scorching. Absolutely perfect. Except for when you look at the fact that the lake was infested with piranha and caiman. I was the only one who appeared worried by this (common sense people, jeez). Dustin dove in followed by everyone. Except me. “Don’t worry. The piranhas won’t bite you unless you are bleeding!” Dustin called. Wow, really reassuring. “And if you do bleed it is not just piranhas, there are tons of other carnivorous fish!” Oh goody. Finally when no one got mauled I slowly got in. It turned out to be lots of fun. We swam for a few hours and took turns trying to pull the boat along as we swam. When we left everyone was worn out, but content.


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