Getting up-to-date (by Jenni)

The idea of a blog is great.  But, when you don’t have reliable internet access, you tend to not keep it up-to-date. So, here we are, 4 months into our trip and we are now finally able to add posts from earlier.  Adding these posts now makes it seem like we are there right now.  For context, this is where we have been and when: Panama from September 1st – 15th, the Galapagos from September 16th – October 14th, mainland Ecuador from October 14th – November 5th, Peru November 5th – 19th, Martinique November 20th – 29th.  We spent a few days in Paris beginning November 30th before heading to the Swiss Alps where we are spending the Holidays.  We will be heading to Rome the last week of January before going to South Africa.  We hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures belatedly!


2 thoughts on “Getting up-to-date (by Jenni)

    1. Cathy! Merry Christmas! We saw two flakes of snow today on a long hike, and have enjoyed a quiet day with the kids. We’re making fondue for dinner, qui va être merveilleuse!


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