Sahara Desert (by Oliver)

On the ride to the desert in a van, it took two days to get there (we took a couple of stops). Once we got there, we had a ten minute bathroom break before we got on the camels!! At first, I was scared. But after a while it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then after a while it hurt your butt, because it was an hour and a half ride to our camp. The camels made groaning noises. When they peed they soaked their tails and then they whacked their tails and  we got wet!!

DSCN2321 DSCN2329 DSCN2430

When we got there, we hiked up a sand dune. It was the tallest in Morocco, a little over 1,000 feet tall, I was the first person to get up!! And your foot slid on every step. I sprinted down and rolled down; it was lots of fun. But I got sand all up my clothes. And then we sat by the campfire and had some mint tea. And when I went to bed the sand from my clothes got all in my bed; it was horrible. We woke up at 6:30Am and got on the camels. I have two words: it was cold. Wait! that’s three words. Then we had breakfast at 7:30Am. Then we had a long one day trip back, stopping only for bathroom breaks and for lunch. When we got back everyone rushed out of the van!!


2 thoughts on “Sahara Desert (by Oliver)

  1. Sounds amazing! I love the photos and hearing about the adventures and I look forward to hearing about the next place you visit.
    Miss all of you lots♡♡♡


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