Excursion to the Sahara (by Audrey)

A few days into our trip to Morocco we booked a “Sahara Excursion” with our hostel. The plan was to take a three-day two-night trip to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. The first night we would stay in a hotel just after the Atlas Mountains, and the second night camp in the desert. We went with a group in a van that fit 17 passengers and a driver. We luckily only had 16 passengers unlike some other groups.

We ended up with a really great group that was made up of eight nationalities including Mohammed (a.k.a. “the Boss”) who is Moroccan. There were three Finnish women, two Australian women, a woman and her son from the Dominican Republic, two German guys, a South Korean guy, a Danish couple, and us from the USA. We mainly hung out with the Danish couple, Augusta and Andreas. But we also spent a lot of time with Rose and Claire from Australia and Young from South Korea. Rose became the DJ for our van but mostly played songs I had never heard of. On the trip back I became the DJ but I did not do a very good job. The people in the group were really nice and fun.

The first day was a lot of driving but with lots of stops. When we made it to the hotel every one was exhausted so we went to our room to get cleaned up for dinner. Dinner was chicken tagine, which is mostly what I ate in Morocco. The hotel was nice but a little chilly. The view from the window was very nice, looking out onto a river. In the morning we were all on the bus by 7:30.

It was a very long day of driving so we were all super excited to get out of the van and do what we had all come to do. CAMEL RIDING!!!!!!! We all rushed to go to the bathroom and get our belongings. Then we went to our camels — there were four tied together for our family. Mine, my dad’s and my brother’s all had complicated Arabic names that I can’t remember. There were three camels named Jimmy Hendrix (or was it just one that the camel men mixed up?) including Augusta’s and my mom’s.

I was on the camel in the very back. Sadly this was behind my brother’s camel whom we promptly nicknamed Farty. This name was very soon after updated to Farty the Pee Spraying Camel. The ride was going great; the red sand was completely unblemished and the camels feet left large circular prints on the sand. Tall dunes surrounded us and wind blew sand of the top of the dunes. It was perfect until we stopped for a picture. The camels all thought that it would be a great time to pee. They seemed to lack the knowledge of holding their tails out while they peed so their tails became soaked. They then shook their tails around vigorously and therefore soaked the entire family in pee. Especially me. I would just like to thank Farty the Pee Sprayer for that lovely wet gift!

You can read about the rest of our Sahara trip and more in my brother’s and mom’s awesome posts about the desert!


One thought on “Excursion to the Sahara (by Audrey)

  1. Audrey, I love your post, although it does’t give you credit at the top. What a great trip- it’s so much fun to hear about it. Love, Grandmom


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