Getting to Rome (by Oliver)

I woke up at 6 am and got all ready in travel gear. And then we plowed through a foot and a half of snow with our luggage down 65 steps (well, we didn’t really step down it, we slid and tripped down it). It was snowing really hard while we walked to the train station. When we got there, we missed the train by 3 minutes (because of the snow). And so we had to get a taxi to the next train station. The taxi driver knew, I think, we needed to get there fast — it was AWESOME. He drove fast and we skidded a lot and some of the time it felt like we caught some air.


The first train ride was 30 minutes and we went from Bex to Sion, then we got on another train that went from Sion to Milan that took 2 hours, then finally we got on 1 more train that was 3 hours and we went from Milan to Rome!!!! It was raining,  and if I was out in it for a minute without a rain jacket  I’d be soaked and cold.


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