The Nepali City (by Oliver)

Nepal has been a great experience for a lot of reasons. But, just saying, hands down, I don’t want to live in a city, a big city that is. Because the streets are a little small and the cars and the motorcycles kind of make me scream when one of them passes (says Audrey, when we were reviewing this blog: “so true”). Some of the good things about it are that you can find restaurants just about anywhere and they are really delicious restaurants. And, not just restaurants — spas and souvenir shops, etc. And the people are kind. We are staying with a really nice family that makes all of our meals and it is delicious food.

Our daily schedule is at about 9:00 we go to a place called The Learning House. It is a place where Nepali people take English classes; we also take Nepali classes. They also have a cafe that serves Mo-Mos; and, I am not sure if you are familiar with them, they are dough with meat and/or vegetables, they also have…. Well you get the point; they have really, really good things. Back at the house (where we are staying with the family) we made Mo-Mos which, hands down (once again) I LOVED. Oh, and by the way, the mom is named Maladi, the daughter is Luni, the son is Aujit, and the dad is Durga … a really, really nice family.


2 thoughts on “The Nepali City (by Oliver)

  1. Oliver,I miss you so much sounds like a grate place to stay and seems like your having a grate time.Reynaldo Sanchez


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