Amid all the talk of our year long traveling adventure, it has been natural to stress the new and the foreign, the places we will see, the things we will learn, the people we will meet. Friends, colleagues, relatives, our ‘travel docs’ and others have shared in this excitement. But throughout all of that talk there has been a quieter but unmistakeable theme of friendship. This includes all the vicarious anticipations, well-wishing, and sometimes honestly sad expressions of feeling the absences to come. It has also been present in the unflagging support and help, in so many forms, from all those close to us. This has ranged from multiple dinners and farewell parties  to numerous offers to house us while we were in transition during our last two weeks in town, or help us take care of various loose ends. Thus, in leaving, being on the road now for two weeks, we are reminded of how strong are the bonds to those we leave behind, whom we will see again, and who are never far from our thoughts. Continue reading Farewells