SEA Games in Singapore (by Oliver)

When we arrived at the Aquatic Centre we started out by looking for the entrance to the men’s diving competition. After we found the entrance we had to go through some metal detectors. It was very hard to find seats together because everybody was saving seats for friends and family. I had to sit with my mom in a different row than Audrey and Dad. When we watched the practice it was amazing! From the ten meter platform the competitors were doing, like, twenty flips before diving. Audrey and I were rooting for a Malaysian diver. My mom and I nicknamed him Rockstar. We called him that because of his confidence and the fact that everyone cheered when he was acting macho. Dad and Audrey nicknamed him Big-legs because he had huge thighs. My mom was rooting for Myanmar. One guy landed on his back and had to be taken away on a stretcher. We all felt really bad for him. The Malaysian, Rockstar (a.k.a. Ooi Tze Liang), won! He was amazingly awesome!

The Neoteric Skyline That Is Singapore (by Audrey)

Futuristic. Modernized. Clean. There are so many words to describe Singapore. One word that could not be used is Normal.

The airport has a rooftop pool, video game arcade, cinema, and spa. There are laws to keep everything orderly. You are not allowed to chew gum in Singapore so that no gum ends up on the street.

Traffic flows seamlessly. Taxis are metered. All prices are fixed. No bargaining. It is incredibly expensive especially compared to the places we have been. Over the course of this trip we have all come to accept that a meal should cost under $5 for one person. We have become accustomed to bargaining down from $5 to $2.50. Now in Singapore it costs $12 to have one shirt washed. Gigantic malls can be found on every street. Designer shops line Orchard Road. California Pizza Kitchen and Cold Stone exist here even though we could never have found them any where else (including Europe). Glass and steel buildings rise from the ground. The architecture is incredible, buildings so twisty they should be impossible to build. It is ever changing, always evolving. New neighborhoods are built everyday.


It is an incredible city in so many ways, but it doesn’t always feel real. It was amazing to visit Singapore and learn about the city. It is beautiful in a very odd way. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to experience a glimpse of the future. This is Singapore.